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Delivering solutions of high quality is our passion. Providing services such as training is part of who we are. Education is something close to our hearts. Yes, we delight in helping our clients achieve their goals while enjoying the process of learning.

A Bit Of Us

Founded since 2014, we have partnered with various public schools and vendors in Singapore in delivering music education to students and teachers. Some of the subjects we offer include: guitar, ukulele, and GarageBand. We also have online lessons to cater to those who prefer to learn at their own pace.

Our Skills

Teaching and training is more than just passing on knowledge. How you learn is more important than the what you learn. Who you study under make up who you become.

Classroom Management

Leadership Skill

Instrument Knowledge

Music Skill

Energy Management

Commitment Level

Time Management


Teaching Skill

Communication Skill

Technical Management

Technological Savviness

Whether you are a practicing musician who is interested to teach music, a parent looking for a music teacher for your children, or an organization who is looking for a trainer to train your staff, feel free to reach out to us!

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Our Services

These are some of what we can help you with

For Singapore MOE (AMIS) projects

How to play guitar (Basic Level)
How to play ukulele (Basic Level)
How to use GarageBand – iPad/Mac (Basic Level)

For the general public

Acoustic Guitar Leisure
Acoustic Guitar RGT Examination Syllabus
Electric Guitar Leisure
Electric Guitar Rock & Pop Examination Syllabus
Ukulele Leisure
Ukulele RGT Examination Syllabus

Acoustic Guitar

Sing-and-strum to your favourite song by playing this portable guitar. Bigger sound than a ukulele, acoustic guitar is one of the most versatile instruments that can let anyone sing almost any song you hear on the radio.

IT Music

Fancy learning what professional musicians do in studio recording? Get a head-start on learning music production and arrangement using computer technology. You know, the loops and the sound... It's not the power of the computer; it's you that matter.


Suitable for the young and the young-at-heart. This four-string instrument is one of the easiest to pick up for anyone looking to learn the latest tune in popular music and Hawaiian pieces. Sometimes, light-weight is good.

Electric Guitar

You cannot play this without an amplifier, but you can customise your tone more than a conventional guitar. Set up your effects; get your tone; pick away! Whether is it power-chords or the melodic riffs, practice hard!

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